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Double Dip ..
Refresher Bar Strawberry ..
 Candy Whistles ..
Toffee Mice ..
Novelty Candy - Toxic Waste Apple Drum..
Assorted Sour Fruit Flavoured Hard Boiled Sweet..
Chewing Gum - Tubble Gum ..
Violeta Surprise Egg with candy..
Nutty Brazil Slab Toffee ..
Chewy Sweets - Toffee Slab Original ..
Novelty Candy Powder..
Novelty Spinner Candy..
Novelty Candy Powder..
Novelty Candy Duo Squeeze Baby Bottle..
Novelty Candy freeze pop..
Novelty Candy Ice Cream Cone..
Novelty Sour Candy..
Novelty Fruit flavour Candy..
Zed Bubblegum and Citrus Powder..
Mini Jaw breakers ..
Banana shaped mallows. ..
Ice Cream shaped mallows. ..
Funny Money ..
Ice Cream Dippers ..
Millions Tubes Bubblegum ..
Millions Tubes Orange & Lemon   ..
Millions Tubes Strawberry ..
Thumb Dippers ..
Novelty Candy - Toxic Waste Red Sour Candy Drum..
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