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Sour Twin Cherries..
Jelly Watermelon Slices..
Fruit Flavoured Winegum Dummies..
Fruit flavoured hard candy. ..
Compressed Candy Letters..
Fizzy coated sour apple rings. ..
Banana  flavoured foam jellies. ..
Fruit flavoured jellies. ..
Milk flavoured jellies. ..
Black aniseed flavoured chewy sweets. ..
A mix of fruit, foam, jelly and coconut mini sw..
Sour cherry flavoured jellies. ..
Barrats Fizzy Cola Bottles 3kg..
Jelly Beans ..
Strawberry & cream flavoured jellies. ..
Vanilla flavoured candysticks. ..
Fruit flavoured hard jellies. ..
Blackcurrant Millions ..
Bubblegum flavoured Jelly dummies..
Bubblegum Millions ..
Retro Sweets - Candy Watches ..
Cola Flavoured Jelly Dummies..
Cola Filled Pencils..
Cola Millions ..
Small fruit flavoured jellies with a sugar coat..
Apple Flavoured Boiled Sweets..
Fizzy blue raspberry flavoured bites..
Jellies - Fizzy Baby Bottles ..
Fizzy bubblegum flavoured bites..
Jellies - Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles ..
Fizzy fruit flavoured dummies. ..
Jellies - Haribo Fried Egg ..
Egg shaped Jelly..
Jellies - Fruit Pastilles ..
Vanilla Fudge  ..
Giant coloured fruity flavour jawbreaker. ..
Haribo Giant Cola Bottles..
Jellies - Haribo Giant Strawberry ..
Terrific Turtles ..
Yellow Bellies ..
Aniseed jellies covered in pink and blue sprink..
Cherry Flavoured Jelly Lips..
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