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Caramel & Custard flavoured boiled sweets. ..
Apple Flavoured Mega Lollies Gluten Free..
Bubblegum Flavoured Mega Lolly Gluten Free..
Cherry Cola Flavoured Mega Lolly. ..
Cherry Mega Lolly ..
Chocolate Orange Mega Lolly ..
Cola Mega Lolly ..
Cola Flavoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Fruit Flavoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Iron Brew Mega Lolly ..
Mint Imperials Gluten Free..
Orange & Lemon Mega Lolly ..
Lollies - Pear Drop Mega Lolly ..
Pear Drop Flavoured Boiled sweets Gluten Free..
Pineapple Flaovoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
 Pineapple Mega Lolly ..
Rhubarb and Custard Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Rhubarb & Custard Mega Lollies ..
Sherbit Flavoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Sour Apple Mega Lollies ..
Spearmint Mega Lolly ..
Spearmint Flavoured Pips ..
Boiled Sweets Strawberry and cream pips Gluten Fre..
Boiled Sweets - Strawberry Mega Lolly ..
Toffee Mega Lolly ..
Traffic Light Mega Lolly ..
Lollies - Trpoical Fruit Mega Lolly ..
Tutti Fruiti Lolly ..
Rhubarb & Custard Pips ..
Strawberry Split Flavoured Mega Lolly..
Jellies - Sugarfree Bears ..
Aniseed Humbugs ..
Apple PIps ..
Bubblegum Pips ..
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