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Apple Flavoured Boiled Sweets..
Aniseed flavoured hard boiled sweets. ..
Barnetts Mega Sour Bubblegum are a great tasting b..
Caramel & Custard flavoured boiled sweets. ..
Cola Flavoured Boiled Sweets..
Mint Flovoured Boiled Sweet..
Cola Flavoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Fruit Flavoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Mint Imperials Gluten Free..
Pear Drop Flavoured Boiled sweets Gluten Free..
Pineapple Flaovoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
 Pineapple Mega Lolly ..
Rhubarb and Custard Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Rhubarb & Custard Mega Lollies ..
Sherbit Flavoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Spearmint Flavoured Pips ..
Boiled Sweets Strawberry and cream pips Gluten Fre..
Cherry Flavoured Boiled Sweets..
Sweet Shop Jars - Orange & Lemon ..
Boiled Sweets Raspberry Flavour..
Love Heart Mini Rolls ..
Boiled Apple Flavoured Sweets Super Sour Gluten Fr..
Sour Cherry Flavoured Boiled Sweets Gluten Free..
Boiled Sweets - Mega Sour Lemon..
Extremely sour boiled sweets...
Extremely sour raspberry sweets...
Rhubarb & Custard Pips ..
Sour Apple Cubes..
Boiled Sweets - Crystal Mints ..
Small Pear Drops ..
A refreshing and sour citric flavoured hard boi..
Aniseed Humbugs ..
Sour apple flavoured boiled sweets. ..
Apple PIps ..
Black & white striped peppermint flavoured ..
Clove Rock ..
Cough Sweets ..
Bubblegum Pips ..
Lemon SherbetS ..
Mega Sour Bubblegum ..
Mega Sour Cola ..
Rhubarb & Custard Sweets ..
Strawberry Sherbet ..
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